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Family Budget - Electronic

Family Budget - PDF

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Deep Breathing Techniques - PDF

Perspiration Inspiration - Workouts for every level!

Grande Cheese offers fun wellness challenges throughout the year to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and create a supportive environment for Associates and their families taking steps in bettering their health.  

Look for wellness challenge promotion at your facility or stop back here for updates on current and upcoming challenges!


March 12 - April 8

*Associates and Spouses/Domestic Partners are all eligible to participate!*

Let’s make exercise a habit by taking part in Grande’s Fit-A-Thon Challenge! The goal is to exercise a total of 1000 minutes over 4 weeks! Record your time spent exercising aerobically or strength training on the provided log sheets. You can print the log sheet or save to your computer from here.

For every 250 minutes of exercise you complete, you get to put your name into the prize drawing (4 entries total). The prizes will be drawn like a raffle –  you can choose to put your name in one prize basket or split it up between two or more! 

Your health doesn’t just revolve around fitness – there are actually 8 dimensions of wellness that are important to address for overall well-being. Increase your odds of winning by completing 4 or more of the 8 mini challenges listed below!

Complete 4 of the 8 mini challenges below and receive one additional entry. Complete 5-7 of the mini challenges to receive two entries! Complete all 8 mini challenges and receive three entries! (3 entries total). Prizes will be drawn like a raffle – you can choose to put your name in one prize basket or split it up between two or more! Click here for a listing of the prizes and their descriptions!  


1. Print off the challenge log or you can save the log to your computer desktop.

2. Fill out your exercise minutes each day (cardio and strength minutes) and total up at the end of each week.

3. Complete as many of the mini challenges as you can over the four weeks for additional prize entries. Total your completed challenges on the mini challenge log.

- 4 mini challenges = 1 entry
- 5-7 mini challenges = 2 entries
- 8 mini challenges = 3 entries        

4. At the end of the four weeks, total your exercise minutes and divide by 250 to determine the number of entries you will receive.

- Example: 850 minutes of exercise / 250 minutes = 3.4 (3 entries)  

5. Add your exercise entries along with your mini challenge entries together to determine how many entries you have available. Max entries are seven (7) per participant!

6. Based off of the entries you have available, choose which prizes you wish to enter to win! You can put your entries all in one prize or split them up between two or more prize options!

7. Challenge logs and prize entries must be turned into Ali Radke no later than Friday, April 13 in order to be eligible for the prize drawing! You may send your logs and entries via interoffice mail, email ( or fax (920-922-2907)

 Questions? Contact Ali Radke at or 920-952-7382


Mini Wellness Challenges 

#1 – We challenge you to shut off all electronic forms of distraction for 2-3 hours outside of your normal working hours for three consecutive days. This includes your blackberry, computer, TV, iPod, video games, and yes – your cell phone!

#2 - Write down three positive things that happened to you or three things you are grateful for, for three consecutive days.

#3 - Complete a Family Budget worksheet to help you identify where your money comes from and where it goes. Use your own, or here is a template you can follow --> PDF or Electronic Copy 

#4 - Volunteer your time at a local food pantry, church, children’s organization, community event, or cause of your choice!

#5 - Follow deep breathing techniques or meditation – try to incorporate them into your daily life. Start with just a couple minutes a day and work your way up to 10-15 minutes per day. Try these practices for three consecutive days. There are some great resources here! (PDF  Copy)

#6 - Track your food consumption for five days to bring awareness to what you are eating and how much. Track how you feel after certain foods; are you groggy, energized fatigued, bloated – make changes to your diet based on how you feel! Try using MyFitnessPal mobile app or website for easy documenting.

#7 - Learn a new game (card game, board game), read for fun, play an instrument, complete a crossword or Sudoku puzzle.

#8 – Reach out to someone you haven’t seen or spoken with for a while. Take some time out of your day to catch up with them in-person or even just over the phone.