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What is a Health Risk Assessment?

A Health Risk Assessment (HRA) measures individuals overall risk for developing chronic diseases by the individual completing a biometric screen and online health questionnaire. During the biometric screen participants meet with a Grande Health and Wellness Nurse Practitioner or an Agnesian Work and Wellness Health Screener who will perform the a venous blood draw to measure cholesterol, triglycerides, glucose, cotinine (nicotine), and PSA levels (optional for males over age 50).

The online health questionnaire is accessed through your private account on Agnesian's Know and Go website ( The questionnaire measures your health risk based on your overall lifestyle with questions related to your nutritional habits, physical activity, stress and mental health, environmental safety and overall health.

You are able to view both your biometric screen and questionnaire results on your Know and Go profile.

I have similar tests ran by my doctor each year, can I just use those results for my HRA?

No, in order to receive the discount on your medical premiums you must complete the HRA through Grande. While tests may be similar, your provider does not always test the same biometrics as we require for the HRA (i.e. cotinine).

As well, we receive an aggregate report from Agnesian Work and Wellness of our company as a whole. We want the results to be from a certain point in time to avoid any outliers or skewed results.

My spouses/domestic partner offers an HRA at their work that I participate in? Can I use those results?

No, in order to receive the discount on your medical premiums you must complete the HRA through Grande. While many employers offer a HRA to the Associate and their spouse/domestic partner, each employer chooses different biometrics that may not line up with what Grande chooses to test.

Will I still get an additional discount if my spouse/domestic partner participates in the HRA but is not on my health plan?

In order to receive the additional discount you and your spouse or domestic partner must be enrolled on either the Associate +1 or Family plan.

This discount will be a flat discount across all benefit options. It will not be increased for the different benefit options.

How do I create an account on the Know and Go website?

Once you complete your biometric screen you will have to log-on or create an account on  the Know and Go website ( to take your online health questionnaire. First time users will need to create an account, click here to view the instructions for creating an account.

If you currently have an account you will need to log-on using your username and password. If you have forgotten your username and/or password please call the Agnesian helpline at 920-926-8000 to have them reset it for you.

Can I eat or drink before my HRA appointment?

No, the HRA is a fasting blood draw. You cannot eat or drink anything, except for water, prior to your appointment. You should fast at least 12 hours for the most accurate results. 

What if I have to take a prescription medication?

For the most accurate results, a complete 12 hour fast is recommended and individuals are able to take regular medications before the biometric screen. If medications are required with food, it is recommended to wait to take those until after the blood work is complete. If that is not a possibility, you will have to schedule the screening around an appropriate time where it would not affect taking medications. Contact Ali Radke if that is a concern.

I am pregnant during this year's Health Risk Assessment - can I still participate?

Yes, if you are expecting you can still participate in the HRA's. Results from last year's HRA will be used. You will still have to complete the online helath questionnaire for 2017. Please contact Ali Radke if you have questions or concerns.

Can my family member participate in the HRA?

Spouses and domestic partners are allowed and encouraged to participate. Beginning in 2018 we will offer an additional medical premium discount if the Associate's spouse/domestic partner participates in the HRA and achieves 100 points on the scorecard.

Dependent children are not allowed to participate.

How do I obtain the medical insurance premium discount? 

In order to receive the discount on your medical premiums for 2018 you must complete the biometric screen, online health questionnaire, and achieve 100 points on your biometric scorecard.

If you do not achieve 100 points you are able to earn those point back by completing four health coaching sessions with the Grande Health and Wellness Center Nurse Practitioner or an Agnesian health coach.

In addition, if the Associate's spouse or domestic partner completes the biometric screen, online health questionnaire, and achieves 100 points on the scorecard or completes four health coaching sessions (if 100 points are not achieved), there will be an additional discount applied to the medical premiums for 2018.

The additional discount will be communicated at this year's Open Enrollment meetings in the fall.   

How will I know or will I be notified if I do not receive 100 points on my biometric scorecard?

You will be able to view your biometric scorecard results by Friday, September 8, 2017. You will also be notified via mail of your scorecard status. In the letter will include instructions for completing health coaching if you wish to remain eligible for the medical premium discount.

What does a health coaching session all entail?

During the first session you will meet with the Nurse Practitioner in-person or telephonically with an Agnesian health coach. Please plan to bring your scorecard and biometric results with you to your first session. You can access your results through your Know and Go profile.

During your first session you will review your HRA results and establish a goal towards improving one or more areas of your health. The additional sessions will be to track your progress, adjust your goal or develop new goal if necessary, and provide you motivation and accountability. Each session will be approximately 15-30 minutes in length depending on your goals and progress.

Is it required that I improve my biometric results during the health coaching sessions in order to receive the discount?

While beneficial, it is not a requirement to improve your numbers to receive the discount. The only requirement you need to fulfill is completing four sessions of health coaching within the given timeframe allotted.

How long do I have to complete the four health coaching sessions?

You have from the time you are notified of your scorecard status (Friday, September 8th) until July 31, 2018 to complete all health coaching sessions. The timeframe in which to complete each session is below.

You may choose to schedule more than four sessions at no cost to you in order to help reach and achieve your goals. At a minimum you must complete the four sessions within the timeframe allotted.


Health Coaching Session



No later than November 30, 2017


No later than February 28, 2018


No later than May 31, 2018


No later than July 31, 2018

Where is the health coaching completed?

You have a number of options for completing your health coaching sessions. If you choose to work with the Grande Health and Wellness Nurse Practitioner you will have to schedule an appointment to meet with them in-person at one of our Health and Wellness Centers. If you work with an Agnesian Health Coach you would meet with them via phone. In either instance, you can schedule your health coaching appointments by calling the Grande Health and Wellness Center at 920-907-3922 or toll-free at 885-289-7517.  

When is the discount applied? Can I lose the discount?

If you complete all pieces of the HRA and achieve 100 points on your scorecard the discount will be applied as of January 1, 2018 and you will not be required to complete health coaching.

If you complete the HRA but do not achieve 100 points on your scorecard, the discount will be applied as long as you agree to complete the health coaching sessions within the given timeframe.

Should you choose to move forward with health coaching you will be required to sign an Affidavit. The Affidavit is a legal document stating that you agree to complete all four health coaching sessions within the given timeframe in order to keep your discount active. Should you fail to complete any of the health coaching sessions in the given timeframe your discount will be removed and you will be responsible to pay back what you saved from the discount through payroll deductions. 

What if I am already on a treatment plan/medication/prescription set up by my doctor – do I still need to complete the health coaching?

If you are already on a treatment plan with your current provider, we will provide you with an Alternative Treatment Form that you will have to have your provider fill out and return to Grande Health and Wellness. Contact Ali Radke or the Health and Wellness Center to obtain the form.



If you have additional questions, please contact Ali Radke